Having an awesome bio means employers will remember you and puts you one step closer to scoring an internship. To help you leave a lasting impression, we have a few quick tips for filling out your profile.

On your dashboard, you'll see all the options you have for editing your bio. Click edit to add to the different sections.

Write a quick bio that lets employers know a bit about you, and enter your desired job title. If you're a web development student maybe it's Full Stack Developer or if marketing is your thing, it could be Social Media Specialist. 

In your bio, you might want to include some of your skills and what interests you about the industry you're looking to enter. 

You can also add your work experience. Add work experience that is relevant and professional, you probably don't need to include the babysitting you did when you were ten! If you have any experience in your industry then definitely add it, but no worries if you don't - that's why you're signing up to razzbri Interns.

Make sure to enter your education or any relevant qualifications as well.

Next, include some examples of work you've done - for university, other jobs or for friends, it's all good. This is a great way to grab the attention of employers and add some visual interest to your bio. Click the pink upload button to add in each example. 

Make sure to add a detailed description of your work, it's a great opportunity to show off your skills. 

Your profile should be looking pretty good by now, so give it a once over for any spelling mistakes or things you missed. If it all looks good, hit publish to make your profile live.

Once your profile is published, you're done! Make sure to come back and update your profile every so often with any changes or new info.

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