razzbri Interns is a simple, easy to use platform for students and graduates to connect with employers in the digital and creative industries. It's currently in beta and free for both students and businesses because we believe in giving something back.

How it Works

Interns sign up and post a profile for employers to view. 

Student profiles provide an overview of a student's talent, skills, education and experience.  As well as filling out a profile, students also enter the specific skills they have, such as Java, SEO, Photoshop or Blogging. Find out more about profiles and skills or check out what a profile looks like below.

Filter talent by skills and interests

Employers can search through the database of interns based on role type, location and skills. Employers can directly contact students if they are interested in working with them. 

Post a job

Employers can also post jobs, which will be sent to interns with relevant skills. When posting an internship, employers enter a quick description of their company, the role they're after, the location, a summary of the internship or project, how long it will take and the remuneration. Jobs can be short-term projects or longer on-going internships.

Student and grads register their interest

Students can check out the internship and register their interest. We'll then let employers know that students are interested in their job. Find out more about this here.

Employers browse student profiles

Employers will be able to see a list of the interns that are interested in their jobs. They can then look through student profiles to see what talent is available and find out more about students that interest them.

Employers contact students

Employers can then directly contact the student(s) they're interested in, via the contact details on your student profile.

Land an awesome internship

Apart from looking great on your CV, some of the benefits for students of taking on an internship include:

  • The chance to put the skills and knowledge you've learned during your studies to use in the real world. Internships give you evidence of your abilities which you can demonstrate to future employers.
  • No idea what you want to do after graduating? An internship can help you find out what you do or don't like. 
  • Start establishing a network of mentors, professional contacts and referees.
  • Find out what sort of companies you would like to work for.
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